diehard has been publishing poetry, drama and occasionally other kinds of books since 1990.
We have sold many editions of usually 500 copies out of print.
Any queries please PHONE US on 01877 339449
A description of the back issues of Poetry Scotland will be found further down the page, by scrolling past the book lists.

diehard books run in series. the first series were trade paperbacks in editions of 500, several of which sold out, but some of which are still available. The old hardback series came next with 14 books. Then the Chapbook series (7 books), along with two later paperbacks, and now the new diehard metallic hardbacks, of which two are currently in preparation.

diehard drama comprised  14 books by John Cargill Thompson, all in editions of 500. Many sold out but some still available, and work by other playwrights in book or pamphlet form. Of our occasional non fiction, The Scottish Pearl by Fred Woodward sold out 800 copies.

Charlie Gracie. Good Morning. 978 - 0946230846 Poems. metallic hardback, £9.00

Sheena Blackhall. Wittins. Aberdeen Scots and English selected poems.Introduction by Joy Hendry. metallic hardback. £9.00

Ian Blake. Remembering Falstaff and Others: see diehard new boosk page left
Charlie Gracie. Good Morning (paperback reprint) see diehard new books page left

Colin Will: Sushi & Chips 0946230811 2006 paperback £5.20

This collection contains poems written between 2000 and 2005, and includes a short sequence from a Japan trip. Colin writes: I've really enjoyed the process of working with Sally and Ian in assembling this collection - it's been a joy. The poems span Scotland, criss-cross Europe, and then vault a frozen Siberia to land in Japan. They're about people, places, nature, art, history, and the importance of chicken soup. They spring from a passionate desire to communicate, to share thoughts, experiences and feelings through the medium of a precise yet poetic language. Link to Colin's Homepage.

Sally Evans: The Bees.  0946230870 A fantasy of the bees and an elephant artist in the Highlands. Long poem in terza rima, illustrated with full page drawings by Reinhard Behrens. large pbk, £6.50 Well received in Scotland and England, reviewed in Markings ,Acumen etc.



We ended up with seven books in this series, handsome 43 page booklets, sewn, with good paper. Most were 'windfalls' but the last two 'fanfares' on account of other users of the name windfalls. .But we call them the Chapbook series. Each £3.

[Chapbook 1] Ian Blake. Waiting for Ginger Rogers at Loch Oich.
This book's title poem is about a dancing chaffinch. There are many engaging personal subjects, and one of Ian Blake's well known longer poetic narratives about the 2nd world war holocaust.
[Chapbook 2] Rob Mac Ille Chiar: Aiteachadh [all Gaelic]. Aiteachadh  means 'fields.' Includes the well known poem of Gaelic poets as Gaelic animals, written with his wife Loren Cruden.
[Chapbook 3] Rody Gorman: Eadar Fiaradh is Balbh na h-Oidhche [all Gaelic] Rody's versatile and virtuoso poetry races between the comic and the deeply insightful in this characteristically packed book.
[Chapbook 4] Sally Evans: The Great North Road.
[Chapbook 5] Morelle Smith The Ravens and the Lemon Tree
[Chapbook 6] Margaret Gillies Brown, Sang o the Mavis.
[Chapbook 7] Chris Powici, Somehow this Earth.

OLD HARDBACK SERIES This series is mostly no longer available.

Jayne Wilding: In the Moon's Pantry  0946230803 2005 £7.90

Maurice Lindsay : Looking Up Where Heaven Isn't
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Poetry Scotland Back Issues: coloured as per issue (all £1 each except PS52 at £2)

PS72 Vulcano and Elsewhere: dedicated issue by Gavin Bowd, Autumn 2011
PS71 The Obvious Solution (broadsheet folded to A5) Autumn 2011
PS70 Wheelbarrow issue Summer 2011

PS69 "Seventy" included prison poems, March 2011
PS68 A song among the stones dedicated issue, poem by Kenneth Steven
PS67 The Ship of fools Oct 2010
PS66 Ghost Orchids  Oct 2010

PS65 And also Shetlandic
PS64 Freshwater Poetry [the first of the banner headline makeover]

PS 63 Midwinter 2009-2010
Supplement to PS63: People, Peat and Poetry. Flanders Moss Project
PS62 All New Scottish: Scottish poets who had not been in PS before
PS61 Just One Bookshop Rapunzel Wizard, Katy Evans Bush, etc
PS60 Watershed issue

PS59 In The Underworld a sonnet sequence by Donald Mackay single poet issue
PS 58 Stone Walls and Surrealism: John Tatum dedicated issue
PS 57 Cl'ckm'mm'msh're Bridge Issue
PS56 Duo: New Work: James Aitchison and Maurice Lindsay
PS55 Summer Renga Issue
PS54 Fairly Long Poems with Snaps from StAnza (Spring 2008)
PS53 Save Callander East End Post Office. A normal single-sheet issue with a local headline
PS52 the Cutting Down of Cutty Sark. Alan Jamieson. Single poem issue, 16pp £2.
PS51 Alfresco Issue (green)

PS50 Leth-cheud. Online link-up issue on line at the Poetry Library (South Bank)
PS49 Elspeth Brown and Chrys Salt, A Poetry Scotland Duo
PS48 How Poems Happen (poems with comments and drafts).
PS Oct 06 Supernumerary Issue (ie this one has no number and was not sent to subscribers, though it is still available at £1). Sir Walter Scott: The Lady of the Lake, Canto One. First published 1810. Local poem, primarily for selling to tourists in Callander.
PS47 Doors and Mirages: Poems by Mike Mitchell. Dedicated issue
PS46 Web Issue. Poems and web hints for beginners. Part 2 of Skald by Ian Crockatt. & poems by Beth Junor, Fred Beake, Maureen Weldon. Stuart B Campbell & others.
*PS45 (Blue paper) The English Diaspora in Scotland: Special feature. This became a twelve page issue as word spread. Officially out of print, though there are one or two spares for anyone researching this subject.
PS44 (Blue paper) Mare Marginis: journeys and poems by Lesley Harrison. Dedicated Issue.
PS43 (Blue paper - the beginning of the blue period) The Way theWind Blows. Some longer poems, including Skald part one(Ian Crockatt), Run (Kevin Murphy), Plant Labels (Gerry Loose), A Chrsitmas Carol (Deborah Tyler-Bennett)

PS42 (blue) Poems from theTaw and Torridge Estuaries by James Bell: Dedicated Issue
PS 41 (blue) "No Botherin Naebdy": Tom Pow, Rachel Bentham, Poetry in Practice Renga, and others
PS 40 (red). The Magazine that Doesn't Have to Please the Bishop. Poems by Les Murray, Alan Suied, Chrys Salt, Beverley A'Court, Ian Blake (Sepia Tones), Chris Jones, etc.
PS 39 (bronze) Dedicated Issue: nick-e melville, Humour and reality in Dalkeith Scots. Has been praised by many correspondents and moaned about by one.
*PS 38 The Scottish International Open Poetry Competition issue, to commemorate the competition started by Hugh MacDiarmid and Henry Mair, in Irvine. one of the longest running and most successful competitions. It closed this year due to Henry Mair's and Sam Gilliland's retirement.
PS37(blue) Post-Tapsalteerie Issue. Margaret Gillies Brown, Kenneth Steven, Jim Bennett, Sheena Blackhall's tsunami poem, Douglas Lipton's Parliament poem ("The Quene wis braw in cramasie").

PS 36 Greek Air Issue. Brian Johnston (The Greek Air). Tom Leonard, George Gunn, Pauline Prior-Pitt, etc.
PS 35 Purple Snowy Fuji issue. Poems by Steve Sneyd, John Hegley, email renku, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Hamish Brown and others
PS 34 Light Green Wild Wings. Pam Russell dedicated issue
PS 33 Light Blue Rody Gorman dedicated issue: new poems and subversions
PS 32 Red Old Red Sandstone issue, many Northwords authors and others
PS 31 Dark Red, Pob Hwyl issue. Welsh themed issue, David Annwn, Idris Caffrey, Merryn Williams, Ruth Bidgood an a fair puckle o ithers.

PS 30 Blue Landmarks and Laureates. Introducing the Poetry Scotland Laureates. Poems by Margaret Gillies Brown, Les Murray, Rob McIllechiar, Tom Bryan etc.
*PS 29 Dark Red: Caves of Gold: Long Poem Digest issue. Passages from 14 newly written long poems.
PS 28 Light Red: Summer Dance. Includes Renku Simmering Heat (Renkujin Palace) and Renga (Jim C Wilson's group).
PS 27 Dark Blue: Moonlight Issue, marking our final move from Grindles, Edinburgh to be based entirely in Callander. Poems by Dilys Rose, George Gunn, Christopher Rush and others.
PS 26 Light Blue: A Dedicated Issue entirely comprising new poems by Robin Fulton. Poems from Norway, Denmark a
nd Germany, Sutherland and Edinburgh,
York and Suffolk, the North Sea and the Skagerrak.

*PS 25 Red: Free Tall Trees Issue. Trees were despatched as follows. Tom Bryan: Red Oak. Alison Prince: Monkey Puzzle. R J Ritchie: Red Horse Chestnut. Ann Greer: Deodar Cedar. Magi McGlynn: Apple. Danakosa Buddhist
Retreat, Balquhidder: another Cedar. The Eucalyptus was planted at Callander. Poems by Steve Sneyd (Dead Poets Society), Norman Lothian (poem
about Hemingway) etc.
*PS24 Green Christmas Stocking Issue. Accompanied PS23
Readers favourite: Steve Rudd, "Santa is a Pedo"

PS23 Brown Bonfire Issue contributors include Martin Bates,William Oxley
PS22 Purple. Bingo Issue. Accompanied PS21. contributors include Carol Rumens
*PS21 Red. Frightfully Posh Issue. A favourite title. Gaelic: Angus Peter Campbell, Meg Bateman. contributors include Les Murray

PS20 Blue Brig Issue. Engineering; WHC Bridge Haiku group;
contributors include David Annwn (Welsh), Hamish Brown
Readers favourite: Robert Davidson

PS19 Red Left Bank Several longer poems.
Geoff Sawers' The Postcard. Keith Armstrong, Lockerbie.

*PS18 Purple Issue Eighteen. The Paul McCartney issue. other contributors include Frank Kuppner, Aonghas MacNeacail, Ron Butlin.
PS17 Green Edinburgh International Book Festival Free Supplement. Marylin Hacker, Matthew Sweeney, Kenneth White, Adrian Mitchell & others. Three pages for younger readers.
PS16 Blue Glasgow Tram Issue contributors include Alan Suied, Andrew Greig
PS15 Brick-red Issue Fifteen. contributors include Fred Beake >from<Cyclops, Stewart Conn, Ian Revie: Ossian's fir
PS14 Green [Yellow-hammer] Sheena Blackhall's Scots poem Yalla-Yitie.Also known as the Columba issue - Robert Davidson's 6 page poem.
*PS13 Dark Blue Broader Issue. Poems with long lines.
Readers' favourite: Kuppner's First Lines of Leo Hennigsdorfer part One

PS12 Dark purple. Rathlin Issue. 'Not a literary magazine.'
Longer poems by R.Livermore, Ian Blake and Sebastian Barker contributors include Les Murray, Hayden Murphy, Maureen Sangster, Richard Price

*PS11 Red Callander Issue. contributors include Alan Jackson & W.N. Herbert
Readers favourite: Alan Jackson, The Three.

PS10 Brown. Spring, including Gaelic factsheet and index to issues 1-10.
Readers favourite: Maireen Weldon.

PS9 Grey Hairst (meant to be silver.) The last poems published in the 20th
century. S.B. Kelly, Boxing Day Night. Most widely quoted: Mike Dillon's
New Parliament: 'this time, at last, at least, they're our bastards'

PS8 Red: Festival Bumper Issue contributors include Peter Russell, Morelle Smith. Readers favourites: Ian Blake, That Sunday nothing happened, Colin Donati,Imperfect jottings on a subject.
PS7 Blue Summer contributors include Edwin Morgan
PS6 Mauve: Spring contributors include Alastair Gray, Sudeep Sen, Tom Pow
Readers' favourite: Des Dillon's Change at Preston

*PS5 Blue Waysgoose. The first 8-pager; Gavin Bowd's 3-page long poem East.
Colin Will, Scottish Poets Picnic Report. Anna Crowe, Gollops

PS4 Red Festival Issue contributors include Les Murray, Tom Pickard
PS 3 Orange Issue Three contributors include Jack Mapanje
Readers favourite: Kenneth C. Steven, Freedom

PS 2 Green Second Pilot Issue contributors include Edwin Morgan
PS 1 Red Fundraising Issue contributors include Iain Crichton Smith