A prized piece of of Burns kitsch


   At the Burrell Collection


1935 Outside my Castle

Outside my castle I have flower beds.
Not trees or lakes.

Trees don't last long enough for me
and lakes remind too much of shipping,
or death by water.

My gardener is a good man,
he tends his flowerbeds quietly
a tapestry of begonias
forget-me-nots and tulips over green --
and my wife, Constance, likes him.

Anyone who fills a place
with flair, efficiency and grace
does all a helpless human can --
we wish too much of our lifespan.

Sally Evans


The  series of poems about decorated shrouds were written immediately after Lynn Wilson's exhibition in Hill House, Helensburgh.. We brieifly investigated doing an exhibition in Edinburgh for Lynn's birthday in May, but finding that practically all venues want at least six months notice, and given that Lynn is very busy working, we have not pursued that idea. It is amazing what can happen out of the blue, in any case.


Inversnaid and Hopkins

  This darksome burn, horse-back brown 

 Inversnaid is, to me, one of the most inspiring places in this inspiring country. All the Trossachs is like this. In the woods beside the burn, the words fall from the trees and echo round the rocks: his rollrock highroad roaring down

Hopkins reached Inversnaid via boat from Loch Lomond. The land route is little but a forest trail  beyond Kinlochard, through wild and uninhabited country, where you will see deer, birds, and glorious scenery, from which the people have been cleared. It is the Trossachs through and through.